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acecomm.net Flying Fish is a pre-paid calling card service that offers great rates on international calls to the world, along with unbeatable quality, simplicity and convenience. We offer services from the USA and Barbados, and the Caribbean  There are no hidden charges or fees.   Services are provided by Ace Communications Inc (AceComm).  Founded in 1999, AceComm provides consumers and businesses worldwide with advanced communication solutions. 


We have now taken our business to the next level by making one of our primary product available on the web based on numerous requests from our existing client based of having the ability to access Barbados based calling cards/ pins via the web. Capitalizing on the latest and most advanced communication technologies including voice over IP and integrating the convenience and functionality of the World Wide Web, acecomm.net offers various services.


acecomm.net business is built upon principles of quality, reliability, and customer service.

acecomm.net strives end lessly to provide the best service to its customers.

acecomm.net monitors its servers 24x7 to ensure highest availability of our services and maintains excess capacity on it lines to ensure that your calls gets through the first time, every time.

With some of the quickest response times to customer service inquiries,

acecomm.net prides itself as being the best service out there.

acecomm.net has committed itself to provide the best in advanced communications services to its users. 

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Calling from USA   All
   Grenada Fixline - $0.28
          Grenada Mobile - $0.28
   Trinidad Fixline - $0.28
          Trinidad Mobile - $0.28
   USA Fixline - $1.00
          USA Mobile - $1.00
   St. Lucia Fixline - $0.28
          St. Lucia Mobile - $0.28
   Jamaica Fixline - $0.28
          Jamaica Mobile - $0.28
   Haiti Fixline - $0.28
          Haiti Mobile - $0.28
   Guyana Fixline - $0.30
          Guyana Mobile - $0.30
Calling from Barbados   All
   Barbados Fixline - $0.74
          Barbados Mobile - $0.18
   USA Fixline - $0.05
          USA Mobile - $0.05
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