ACE Communications Inc. ("ACE Comm.") has implemented this Online Payment
Policy governing the payment of your ACE Comm. bill online via ACE Comm’s eBill
Automated Bill Payment System.

ACE Comm. customers can top-up their account/s and pay their bill/s online using ACE Comm’s eBill Automated Bill
Payment System. You may access eBill through ACE Comm.'s website, or on our WiFi HotSpot login
page at This Online Payment Policy provides you with information on how
to use Ace Comm. eBill Automated Payment System, while outlining your rights and responsibilities if you choose to
pay your bill using eBill.
Our accepted payments policy gives customers convenient payment optionsCustomers need to specify their method of
payment whether via PayPal, Visa, Master Card or other method. Make sure your payment option/s are aligned to the
following guidelines. If this is not done payment would not be completed What are the guidelines?

i. PayPal
ii. Visa
iii. Master Card
iv. American Express


• Bank-to-bank transfers (also known as bank wire transfers and bank cash transfers)
• Checks
• Money orders
• Online payment services:
• These payment methods may be used only in certain listing categories.

Not Allowed
• Sending cash through the mail
• Sending cash or money orders through instant, point-to-point cash transfer services (that are not banks) such as Western
Union or MoneyGram
• Mailing checks or money orders (except for items in categories specifically permitted)
• Paying through bank-to-bank transfers (except for items in categories specifically permitted below)
• Paying using online or other payment methods not specifically permitted in this policy
• Asking Ace Comm to contact them for additional payment methods
• Offering a payment method to some customers and not to others
• Discouraging customers from using any payment method
• Asking customer to pay using a method not mentioned in the listing.

These rules apply to all transaction-related correspondence between a Customer and Ace Comm.

Some examples
Customers aren't allowed to make statements like:
• "Contact us for payment information."
• "Contact us for other payment methods."
• "Contact us for your preferred payment method."

Payment Options: ACE Comm. customers have two online payment options.
i. Use eBill to make a single, one-time online payment for your monthly bill using PayPal or Credit Card.
ii. Use eBill to make recurring automatic monthly online payments for your monthly bill using PayPal or Credit Card.
iii. MasterCard, American Express and Visa Credit Cards are also accepted.
If you choose not to utilize an online payment option, you can drop off your payment at the Ace Comm. Welches Road, St.
Michael. Use of the Sky-Call and/or Sky-Call APP may be free. Your purchase of the Sky-Call and/or Sky-Call Plus device or
download of Sky-Call APP and registration of the Sky-Call and/or Sky-Call Plus device and/or Sky-Call APP gives you a
license to use the Sky-Call and/or Sky-Call Plus device and the Software and/or Sky-Call APP for a minimum of one month.
To continue using the Sky-Call and/or Sky-Call Plus device and the Software and/or Sky-Call APP after the end of the initial
one month term, you must renew your Software access liceense for an additional one month term at Sky-Call, or Flying
Fish Card If you have chosen a Sky-Call APP or any plan that requires payment, then an applicable license fee applies.
Failure to renew your registration after the end of the initial term or any renewal term and/or notication of a dispute for
prior charges, may result in immediate termination of your license and access to any Sky-Call APP or Flying Fish Card
feature, subject to Sky-Call, Flying Card discretion. If you are terminated, you may not be able to use the Sky-Call APP/
device and/or Flying Fish Card APP premium features and your right to use any phone number allocated to you will be
canceled. Furthermore, if you delay registration (by how many days???) and renew your registration after the expiration of
your license, but before one hundred and twenty days after expiration, your new term will begin as of the expiration date
and will continue only up to the anniversary of that expiration date. If you delay registration and renew after one hundred
and twenty days, your new term will begin on the date of registration and you may not have access to any phone number
you had previously. For your convenience, Sky-Call, Flying Fish Card strictly uses an auto-renewal program. The form of
payment you have on le may be automatically charged for the prevailing renewal fee. We may receive and/or request
automatic updates of your account information from the nancial institution that issued your form of payment on le in
order to keep your payment information current.
How to Register to Make Online Payments: More information on how to register to use eBill and how to use eBill to make
online payments can be found at:

Responsibility for Delinquent Payments: You are responsible for the timely payment of all charges on your monthly bill.
Single online payments made via eBill will be processed within two (2) business days. Recurring online payments made via
eBill should be scheduled for a date that is four (4) to ten (10) days before the payment due date on the rst of every
month. You should submit your online payment with sucient time prior to your billing due date in case delays in
transmission or processing are encountered. It is your responsibility to ensure that your online payment is received by ACE
Comm. by your billing due date. If an online payment is not processed or completed by your billing due date, the amount
due will be treated as a delinquent payment in accordance with ACE Comm.'s delinquent payment policies.
Billing Questions: If you use the eBill automated bill payment system or you have questions with your bill and you made
an online payment by mistake, or you have overpaid your account, contact ACE Comm. immediately at (1-246) 437-4267.
We will try to resolve any complaints you have as promptly as we can. Privacy and Security: ACE Comm and third parties
involved in processing your online payment maintain reasonable standards of condentiality and security to protect your
personal information. Even with these measures in place, it is possible that someone may intercept or access
communications, transmissions and/or personally identiable consumer information. You must seek to protect against
unauthorized access to your, account number Protecting the condentiality of your account number is your responsibility.
You must notify ACE Comm. immediately at (1-246) 437-4267, if you believe that your, account
number, other security information has been lost or stolen, or if you believe there has been any unauthorized access to
your account.

Policy Subject to Change: From time to time, ACE Comm.'s Online Payment. Policy may change. ACE Comm. will post
changes to the Online Payment Policy at this site. Please review this Online Payment Policy often so that you may remain
abreast of ACE Comm.'s current policies. Effective Date of Policy: This Online Payment Policy was last updated on July 1,
2013 and is effective immediately.

If you have any questions concerning this Online Payment Policy, please contact us at:
ACE Communications Inc.
Welches Road
St. Michael.
Barbados. W. I.
Phone: (1-246) 437-4267

Any dispute concerning this Online Payment Policy or your use of this site, including the eBill Automated Payment System,
shall be submitted to Ace Communication Inc. within one (1) year from the date that the cause of action arose (or, if
multiple cause of actions are involved, from the date that the rst cause of action arose). To the fullest extent permitted by
law, no arbitration brought pursuant hereto shall be joined to any other action or any other arbitration initiated pursuant
hereto. If any portion of this Online Payment Policy is deemed unenforceable, unlawful or void by a court of competent
jurisdiction, then that portion of the Online Payment Policy will be deemed severable and will not affect the enforceability
or validity of the remaining portions of this Online Payment Policy.

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