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IP Camera

An IP camera system is a closed-circuit TV (CCTV) that is network attached.

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Camera Solutions

IP Camera Solutions​

At Ace Communications, we offer elaborate IP security camera services to improve your surveillance system. Our team of skilled technicians specialize in DVR maintenance and upgrades, ensuring optimal performance and seamless operation of your digital video recorders. Additionally, we excel in NVR installation and maintenance, providing centralized management and integration with IP cameras for efficient monitoring. From selecting the right equipment to professional installation and 24/7 support, we improve your security and deliver you peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss your surveillance needs and experience the difference between our expert services.

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An IP camera system is a surveillance system that includes cameras, lenses, network switches, and recording systems, all developed to capture and transmit video over an IP network.

The best IP camera depends on your specific requirements and objectives-- consider factors such as camera type, resolution, low-light sensitivity, and application suitability. We provide suggestions and a comparison chart to help you make an informed decision.

IP camera systems can be integrated with other security components like door access control and intercoms to create an extensive security system. This integration offers an all-around level of protection, enabling a seamless and interconnected security infrastructure.

The latest IP cameras are equipped with advanced features such as gunshot detection and real-time alerts for specific events like vehicle entry. These capabilities further improve the overall security measures and enable proactive responses to potential threats.

Ace Communication offers expert suggestions, competitive pricing, and comprehensive support for IP camera systems. Whether you need a single IP camera or an integrated solution with door access control and intercoms, our team will help you with everything.

IP Camera Solutions​

  • DVR Maintenance & upgrades
  • NVR installation & Maintenance
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